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A symbol of quality printing used exclusively by Teamsters in the print division is the newly registered GCC/IBT Label.  It can be used to show the public that only union labor was used. The following shops are authorized to print this label and like the Allied Label the company can be identified by their own label number placed to the right. The letter C stands for Commercial Printer and is placed next to the number to give the distinction between a newspaper printer and a job printer, the B means a Bindery Specialist. Report any suspected cases of illegal use of this label to local72c@msn.com or 301-699-1202.

Local 72-C Companies authorized to use this label:                                   For contact information go to "Visit the Shops"

Art and Negative Graphics  219-C
Caslon Press  223-C
Chesapeake Graphics  352-C
Doyle Printing Company  224-C
Linemark  282-C 
GCC/IBT Local 72-C  356-C
Harris Lithographics, Inc.  290-C
Gibson Print 
Mt. Vernon Printing Company  237-C
ASAP Printing    37-C   
H & W Printing      795-C
H & H BinderyRight to Handle