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Rules and Regulations for Nominations, Eligibility, Conduct, and Election of Officer and Committeemen Candidates for Washington, D.C. Printing Union Local 72-C  

Nominations Officers of the Union shall be elected for a three year term of office with nominations to be made at the stated September meeting. To be eligible for nomination or to nominate, the member must be paid up in dues through the month prior to the nomination meeting. Nominations shall be made by a member in good standing other than the nominee and seconded by a member in good standing other than the nominee. Candidates must accept nominations at the time of the nomination meeting, or acceptance in writing must be made to the Secretary following the meeting within 48 hours if the nominee is not present. No member may run for more than one position as an officer. No person holding a management position is eligible to be nominated. This shall not apply to working foremen. To be eligible for nomination for any office of the Union delegate or alternative, a member must have attended at least five of the regular monthly meetings of the Union in the last twelve (12) months preceding the nomination. If a member signs the attendance book at a regular meeting and there is no quorum, the member shall be considered as though there was a meeting under this section. The Executive Committee with approval of the membership may make special exception to this section due to illness or incapacity of a member. An appeal for this exception must be made for each meeting missed to the Executive Committee at their next regular meeting. Delegates and Alternates to the GCC Convention and the IBT Convention shall be nominated and elected in accordance with IBT/GCC law. The Board of Election shall examine each candidate who is nominated to determine that they satisfy eligibility criteria. This examination may include, as deemed necessary , a written affirmance from candidates that they have not been convicted of a felony in the past 13 years that would render the candidate ineligible to run for office pursuant to applicable federal law. If a candidate is declared ineligible, the candidate shall be notified in writing by the Board of Election. At least 10 days prior to the nomination meeting, notice shall be mailed to the last known address of all members in good standing, setting forth the date, time and place of the nomination meeting and the offices to be filled, and the date(s) and details of the elections. Where the nominee is unopposed at the regularly designated nominations meeting, there shall be no necessity for the election of such nominee and he shall be declared duly elected at such nominations meeting, effective as of the conclusion of the term of the previous incumbent.
Voter Eligibility To be eligible to vote in the election, a member must have his dues paid up through the month prior to the month in which the election is held. No member whose dues have been withheld by his employer for payment to the Local Union pursuant to his voluntary authorization provided for in a collective bargaining agreement shall be declared ineligible to stand for election, to nominate, seconded, or vote for a candidate for office in the Local Union, by reason of a delay or default in the payment of dues by the employer to the Local Union.
Conduct of Election At least one month preceding the nomination meeting, the President shall appoint a Board of Election consisting of members from each category (Journeyman Pressman, Press Assistant, Prepress and Bindery/Specialty Worker) who shall oversee the nominations and elections. The Board of Election shall conduct the secret ballot election which may at the discretion of the Board of Election, be in whole or in part by mail ballot.  This election shall take place at no earlier than thirty (30) days from the nomination meeting.  If a mail ballot is utilized, a post office box will be secured. The Executive Committee may make arrangement for the post office box in advance of the appointment of the Board of Election. If the Board of Election determines that in person voting shall be utilized in whole or in part for the election, arrangements shall be made for elections to be conducted at each office where local members are employed and, where no mail ballot is in place, for balloting to take place for each shift. If in-person voting is permitted, voting shall also be permitted at the union hall.  Because of the number of shops and shifts, the Board of Election may designate the election on more than a single day.  The time and place of voting shall be posted in advance of the vote. Chapel Chairman may be utilized to assist the Board of Election. The votes at each workplace shall be sealed and shall be transported to the Union Office and placed in a locked container with the Board of Election having custody of the key to such container.  The Board of Election shall also have custody to any key to the post office box. The Board of Election shall have the authority to provide suitable safeguards for the honest and fair conduct of the election.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall provide the Board of Election with suitable ballot boxes, printed ballots and a membership list.  Write-in ballots for candidates not duly nominated shall not be considered valid votes. Each candidate shall have the right to an observer at the candidate’s expense at each voting site, including the union hall.  Such observer(s) shall be a member in good standing. One observer for each candidate may also accompany a member of the Board of Election when the post office box is emptied and ballots are brought back to the hall. All candidates shall have the right to be present when the ballots are counted at the union hall.  Candidates will have the responsibility to provide the Board of Election with contact information so that they may be informed of the time of the vote count or other matters relating to the election. When the count is completed, the result shall be delivered to the President.  The results shall also be posted on the Union’s website and be available upon the request of any member. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared the winner.  In the case of a tie vote for the office of President, there shall be a rerun election with only the top two candidates who have tied for the highest number of votes. For all other offices, a tie vote shall be resolved by a flip of a coin. Absentee voting by mail shall be permitted only upon written application of members who are ill or absent from the area where they are normally employed at the time of voting because they are on vacation or employment tour of duty. Such application must be received no later than three (3) weeks before the scheduled election if in-person voting is utilized or such other time as determined by the Board of Election.  Such application to the Secretary/Treasurer for absentee ballot must state reason for application. Absentee ballots to be valid must be received no later than noon of the day that the polls are closed or the ballots are collected at the post office box as the case may be. Nominations and Election Protests
Any member who desires to challenge a ruling by the Board of Election on eligibility to run for office shall appeal, in writing, within forty-eight (48) hours after receipt of the ruling to the Local Executive Committee. The decision of the Local Executive Committee shall be appealable to the GCC President within 48 hours of the receipt of the ruling. The decision of the GCC president shall be final. In the event there shall be any protest made concerning an election by any member prior to the holding of the election, such protest shall be made in writing by such member within forty-eight (48) hours of his knowledge of the event complained of and shall specify the exact nature and specifications of the protest. In the event there is a protest by any member after the election has been held, such protest shall be made in writing by such person within seventy-two (72) hours of the election setting forth the exact nature and specifications of the protest and his claim as to how it affected the outcome of the election. Such protest shall be made to the Local Union Secretary-Treasurer of the Local who shall refer it to the Local Executive Committee for disposition with the Local Executive Committee having the right to conduct an examination and/or to conduct a hearing as they see fit.  The decision of the Local Executive Committee shall be appealable to the GCC President for final decision. If votes are challenged at the time of the balloting, such challenge shall be made in writing at the time of the election with specific reasons for such challenge. Vote challenge shall be resolved by the Board of Election if the challenge is outcome determinative. The decision of the Board of Election shall be appealable to the Local Executive Committee for final decision. Questions relating to the conduct of the election shall be made in writing to the Election Board as they arise.  Decisions by the Board of Election shall be rendered in writing. The Board of Election has the right to interpret these rules or to resolve matters not covered by these rules in the interest of conducting a fair and honest election. Election Rules are also available on the Local’s Web Site at www.printing-union-local72c.com  or call 301-699-1202 or e-mail local72c@msn.com  the Local Office for copies.