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6037 Baltimore Ave, Riverdale, MD 20737                                   

Phone: 301-699-1202

All over the United States and Canada the Allied Printing Trades Council Union Label signifies that all operations in the production of the printing were done by union labor.  This mark of 100% union printing has been recognized for over 100 years as a sign of distinctive quality printing.  The following companies are authorized to handle the Union Label and the number found next to the company name, is the number you will see to the right of the label to help you identify the company who printed the product. For company contact information click the "Visit the Shops" Tab or click directly to company web sites by name of company below.

Anyone wishing to report the possible illegal use of the Allied Label should call 301-699-1202. For additional listings in DC Area or all over go to www.alliedlabel.org   For information on the GCC/IBT Union Label see Tab.      

Illegal Label Alerts: 

The Company McArdle has closed. They carried the Allied Label Number 31 of Washington, DC.  If you see this number being used please call the Union Office at 301-699-1202. The Bureau of National Affairs is using this non-union company for printing needs!
The company "A Touch of Heaven" is no longer a Union Company. If you see the Allied Label Number 777 on any printed product please notify the Union Office.

Allied Label's should be identified by the City in which the Shop is sponsored by not by State, if you see a number which lists a State and not the City Council, please contact our office at 301-699-1202.


Quality Printers75
Gibson Print27
Crystal Press 150
Linemark Printing Company5
Mt. Vernon Printing Company14
Andrukitis Printing Company11
Chesapeake Graphics77
ABS Complete Printing Service28
Harris Lithographics, Inc.     30
Media Press8
Art & Negative Graphics50
Doyle Printing Company21
Eagle Design, Printing & Promotionals 54
Caslon Press53
H & W Printing20
H&H BinderyRight to Handle
Michael Coscia Company430
National Ink & Stitch36
Color Marketing Graphics & Printing109
Dead Bat Design22