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Medical Emergencies call 911 for immediate medical attention. If you are unsure if the situation requires an emergency room visit you can call the Kaiser Medical Advice (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week) at 800-677-1112. Your primary care physician should always be called for Medical advice or immediately possible after any emergency care in order to get available insurance coverage. Your Health Care Benefits are through Kaiser Permanente. The service number for appointments is 301-468-6000.

Toll Free Number for Service and appointments with Kaiser Permanente: is 800-777-7902. Special Problems Call: 877-749-8046. Website: www.kaiserpermanente.org.

For all non-medical issues, adding a dependant, new cards, problems with getting an appointment from Kaiser, retiring, or billing problems call 1-888-834-6966. Call the Union Office at 301-699-1202 with any questions.

Our Administrator is Associated Administrators located at 8400 Corporate Drive, STE 430, Landover, MD 20785-2361 or 911 Ridgebrook Road, Sparks, MD 21152The Web Site has a link for Local 72 and contains the Summary Plan Description for our Health Fund. You can look up coverage for both Health Care and Dental.
www.associated-admin.com  Phone is above also: 1-888-834-6966
Fax: 410-683-7796

This Phone Number can also be used for the Local 72-C, Industry Pension Fund:1-888-834-6966.www.associated-admin.com

Your Dental Coverage is through either Cigna DHMO or Indemnity with our Plan. If you are in Cigna DHMO you must use a Cigna Dentist.  Use the web site for a listing of Dentists: www.cigna.com or 1-800-244-6224. If you are in the Indemnity Plan you can use any dentist but you must mail your itemized receipt of Dental Payment from your Dentist to above administrator in order to be reimbursed for your coverage amount. If you want to find out before a dental procedure how much coverage you have consult your plan document or call above administrator.

Do not wait for a Dental Emergency to be set up with a Dentist! If you do not know which Dental Plan you are in call the administrator above. After you know which plan make an appointment with a Dentist for each member of your family so that when a Dental Emergency happens you have a Dentist to contact. It can be difficult to find a Dentist at the last moment. Get familar with which services have insurance coverage and how much! Our Dental Plans do not have Cards, never try to use your Medical Card for Dental Services. If you are unsure about using your Dental options call the Union Office.

Your Vision Coverage is only available with all Local 72-C Medical Plans through Kaiser Permanente. You must call Kaiser to use your Vision Benefits!

The number to call for appointments for Vision Care is the one on the back of your Kaiser Card with all plans. If you or any member of your family needs a Medical Card call the Union Office at 301-699-1202.

Prescription Coverage is through Kaiser Permanente. You have several options for picking up your prescriptions at Kaiser facilities or participating community pharmacies in your area or through mail order. You should find out the best option for your personal needs. Kaiser has a number for questions at 301-468-6000, go to #3 to get a service representative to speak to. They also have a Toll Free Number at 800-777-7902.

Pension Benefits: Call the Union Office to find out which number is the correct one for your plan if you are unsure!

Local 72-C, Industry Pension Fund Administrator is Associated Administrators: 1-888-834-6966, 8400 Corporate Drive, STE 430, Landover, MD 20785-2361 or 911 Ridgebrook Road, Sparks, MD 21152-9451            www.associated-admin.com

Graphic Arts Industry Joint Pension Trust:
The fund office has moved temporarily to:
3060 Williams Drive, STE 401   Fairfax, VA 22203   
New Phone Number:
New Fax Number:571-520-4167                                                                              
E-Mail: jpt@gaijpt.org                                                                                   Website: www.gaijpt.org                                                                                     The office will be moving to a permanent location in the summer.The phone and fax will remain the same.

Local 72-C 401K Fund: 703-893-7322, Administrator: Retirement Planners located at 7639 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043. Our contact person is Mark Witkowski at extension 222. Fax:703-893-7325

For Short Term Disability: Call Associated Administrators at 1-888-834-6966 and ask for the Short-Term Disability Office for forms.
 Our Carrier is Mutual of Omaha, Phone:800-877-5176 Fax: 402-997-1865 but don't call this number unless your claim has already been submitted to Associated Administrators.